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  • Home Elevators

    Luxury Home Elevators Residential elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home…

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  • Wheelchair Lifts

    Enhance your building accessibility and meet ADA requirements with a wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts are designed for safe and effortless travel between…

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  • Dumbwaiters

    Save time and reduce manual labor with a dumbwaiter from McKinley Elevator’s comprehensive selection. Whether for residential or commercial use, our dumbwaiter…

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  • LU/LA Elevators

    A LU/LA Elevator is a Limited Use, Limited Application elevator with the purpose of providing handicap access to a commercial building within…

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  • Car Lifts

    Car lifts and car turntables offer innovative, space-saving parking solutions for commercial and residential use. Whether you’re contending with a narrow driveway,…

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  • Evacuation Carriers for Wheelchairs

    Fast, safe and easy to operate evacuation chairs or evacuation carriers are vital during times of emergency. Emergency evacuation chairs help people…

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